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Medical Vault

Handle your medical records the smart way

Lets imagine you're on a business trip and your health starts to deteriorate. What do you do? Would you take any unprescribed medication? Would you go looking for a nearby doctor or would you nonchalantly ignore those serious health signs? Why face the uncertainty and dilemma when Omni.Care is here for you.

With our Medical Vault you can carry your medical information for you to access anywhere anytime. Upload your prescriptions and reports on the cloud to access them from anywhere in the world.

Just open our healthcare interface and conveniently send your medical records prior to your appointment for better consultation. For further assistance, you may also choose to send emergency alerts or notify your physician regarding your health.

Two plans

  • Rs. 29 a month
  • Rs. 299 a year

Omni.Care launches the "Medical Vault", a platform where Omni.Care Members can have all their medical information in a single space. The main benefits are:

  • It provides users health information in a structured way: at a glance, Omni.Care customers can access their latest tests, radiological imaging or medical reports. The platform allows you to search, apply filters and even tag the evidence to create their own classification.
  • Ability to create a Health Profile: customers have the ability to create a medical record, with their habits, allergies and history, as well as consult the evolution of their weight and blood pressure through graphs.
  • The Medical Vault allows integration with third party systems: Omni.Care customers can be stored in their "Medical Vault" not only tests carried out in the centers of Omni.Care, but the rest of medical centers and laboratories because the platform is connected with the latter systems.
  • Platform integration with Omni.Care offers different services: if this is allowed the customer may share medical information with medical specialists as well as the medical advisory service offered by GP’s. Thus, all advisors can monitor and be aware of the evolution of the different parameters of customers to provide solutions and recommendations for improving their health.
  • Alerting with the results of different tests: each time a test is available in the "Medical Vault", the customer will be alerted to access it.
  • Convenience and saving time and travel: customers have access to the results of his medical tests through the platform, thus avoiding having to go in person to collect them.