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Legal Disclaimer Warning

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before using this website. You should review this notice whenever you access this site, because its contents may change according to the discretion of Omni.Care (our legal company name: Probum Services Private Limited).

Information contained in the Portal

We have designed this website to provide information on Omni.Care and its products. The information contained herein is couched in general terms. Even if we make the necessary efforts to keep the website updated, we are not responsible, or give any guarantee for the accuracy of the displayed information. Omni.Care reserves the right to modify the information contained in this website at any time. If you have any specific questions about our services or products, call the Omni.Care helpline. The description of the products and services provided by Omni.Care through this website does not constitute an offer for selling or solicitation. The products are available in the service area of Omni.Care and are subject to laws and regulations. Under no circumstances Omni.Care will be liable for direct or indirect, special or incidental damages resulting from the use or lack of access to this portal.

Health Information

The health information included in this site is for illustration purposes and as a public service to promote health care. It does not represent or substitute the advice of healthcare. If you have any need of special care, you should consult your doctor. Omni.Care does not assume any responsibility for the use, interpretation or application of the reader to make health information available on this site.

Electronic links to other sites

The Omni.Care portal contains electronic links to other websites accessible through the Internet. These links only provide suggestions to help in the search for information. Omni.Care or its business partners or sponsors have control over these sites on the Internet, so they are not responsible for its content. The reader enters these links at their own risk. We reserve the right to remove or modify the links at any time.

Transmission of information - Confidentiality

The personal information that is transmitted to us will be treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Copyright Laws and Rights

The information contained on this website, including the names of the goods or service marks and logos is protected by copyright laws of the India. The reader can play the contents of this site for their personal use but cannot reproduce or distribute the text or graphics on this site for incorporation into other servers or sites without the prior written consent of Omni.Care.

Applicable law

This site is owned and controlled by Omni.Care, which is licensed to do business in India and any controversy or claim arising out of this website or the products will be resolved under the Indian laws.

Additional Terms Of Use

It is hereby expressly clarified that information from Omni.Care is not intended to be a substitute for getting in touch with emergency healthcare; in a medical emergency please contact an ambulance service or hospital directly. The User hereby grants consent to Omni.Care to transfer the health related queries posted by the User to Doctors and specialists for the provision of the services under Ask a Question and e-mail consult and agrees that any such information provided by the User will be subject to our Privacy Policy.

Ranking Algorithm

Omni.Care has designed the ranking algorithm which is a proprietary ranking algorithm which cannot be altered for specific Doctors. Omni.Care shall not be liable for any effect on the Practitioner’s business interests due to the rank of the doctor in the Ranking Algorithm in the Omni.Care portal.

Display of partner Hospitals / Clinics / Medicare services

There will be no objection from partners like hospitals, pharmacies, diagnostic laboratories and other health care providers if Omni.Care displays legally acceptable material like logos, product information and other material of a non-soliciting nature from partner participation in our portal.

Omni.Care Feedback Policies

Omni.Care reaches out to Patients via SMS/E-mail within 3 days after their scheduled appointment and ask them for feedback on their appointment experience at the Clinic and with the Doctor. Omni.Care has complete ownership of this flow of feedback collection since they take care to provide the best experience to patients booking an appointment. Omni.Care seeks prior permission from the Doctor practice to collect feedback from Patients whose appointments have been booked by the practice using Omni.Care. Omni.Care then reaches out to these Patients via SMS/E-mail within 3 days after their scheduled appointment schedule. Please note that Omni.Care only asks Patients for Feedback after Doctors permit Omni.Care to do the same, and any Feedback becomes a property of Omni.Care.