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Did you have to skip work anytime because you had a medical appointment? Or were late to the doctor’s clinic due to heavy traffic? Did you ever forget to carry the necessary reports or misplaced the prescription by the doctor? Is there a nagging medical question that you would like answers from a panel of leading doctors? If you find yourself answering ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, then Omni.Care is ideal for you!

Omni.Care is a healthcare community comprising of Members (like you), Doctors, and Hospitals. We at Omni.Care offer you a complete package of comprehensive end-to-end care management health care for you and your family at affordable prices. We provide innovative online health care services which save you the trouble of disrupting your daily routine and leaving your house for medical ailments and emergencies.Our services allow you to make in clinic appointments and receive online consultations with certified doctors. Every consultation is recorded and all medical reports and documents are stored online in our Medical Vault!

Our primary objective is to provide affordable healthcare with ease of access to anyone, anywhere. We provide you the fastest and easiest way to see world class doctors from the comfort of your home.

Member Services

Our aim to ensure your good health and well-being. We at Omni.Care offer you a range of services which cater to all your health related needs.

Ask a question

Have a health problem that’s bothering you? You can now ask questions to the doctors listed on Omni.Care and get your query sorted out, without revealing your identity! And the best thing? It’s free of charge.

  1. Select the specialization of the doctor who you want to answer your question.Fill in the details and your query, and post the question on the forum. The question will remain anonymous and your identity will not be revealed.

  2. You will be notified via email once you receive a response to your query.Depending on the availability of doctors, you might even receive more than one response to your query.

Doctor consultation

Omni.Care provides a wide range of options for you to see your doctor without having to leave your home. You can search for a relevant doctor from among the ones listed with us and book appointments for consultation via email, phone or even video call. If you still don’t feel satisfied, you can book in-clinic appointments using our booking facilities by searching for doctors in your locality.

Consultation by email

Consult your doctor using email conversation without disrupting your daily routine.

Consultation by phone

Talk to your doctor over the phone and avoid the need to visit the clinic for a face-to-face consultation.

Consultation by video

Get on a video call with a doctor for your ailment and enjoy the benefits of the consultation without having to leave your home. You can also share your medical reports and medicine prescriptions with the doctor online by using our Medical Vault facility!

In-clinic consultation

If you still want to visit the doctor, you can use our search facility to look for doctors with the required qualifications and specializations in your locality and book appointments for in person consultation.

  1. Select the type of consultation and start searching for the doctor with your required qualifications and specializations. You can use various filters (like consultation fee, years of experience, reviews by other members, etc.) to refine your search.

  2. Once you have selected the doctor, go forward and book an appointment. You will be asked to specify your details and the reason for consultation. Then choose a date and time slot most suitable for you among the ones that are available.

  3. Proceed to the payment section and pay the required consultation fees. You can then wait for the doctor to confirm the appointment.

  4. You will be notified about the confirmation via email. Once confirmed, you can login to Omni.Care at the time of your appointment and start your consultation.

Medical Vault

Tired of carrying your medical records every time you consult the doctor? We at Omni.Care have a perfect solution for you! The Medical Vault feature on our platform lets you store all of your medical records safely on the cloud, access them from anywhere in the world and share them with others whenever needed. You can share it with your family and friends, as well as with the doctors on Omni.Care before your online consultation. All your data is stored in a secure manner ensuring complete privacy.

  1. Get rid of the need to physically carry your medical records every time you consult a doctor and manage healthcare for all your family members by having their profiles online.

  2. Organize reports in folders depending on the details. The Medical Vault provides complete functionality of a file manager.

  3. Store the contact of your pharmacy and send the prescription directly after a consultation.

  4. Best of all, you could store, access, and share up to 6 members of your family on your Medical Vault for the price of one!

Why Omni.Care?

We at Omni.Care provide a complete health care package for you and your loved ones. Our goal is to provide innovative health care solutions for you to access from the comfort of your home. The team at Omni.Care consists of professionals who are dedicated to ensuring a hassle free experience for you on your way to wellness.

Our Pricing

Member registration is offered free of charge as part of our mission to improve quality of lives of people!

For the doctor consultations, charges are as per the consultation fee set by the doctors individually.

For our Medical Vault facility, we provide a very affordable plan which lets you manage all your records without much effort, and at only a minimal price!

Pricing for Medical Vault
per month
per year

Frequently Asked Questions

No! You can register for free. As a free member, you can enjoy the benefits of our free services like Ask a question and Knowledge Center. You will be charged depending on the type of services you use. For more information, refer to our detailed pricing plan

We follow a detailed Doctor Empanelment process to validate the authenticity of every doctor who enlists with us. We also verify their credentials and qualifications, and make sure that you get what is best.

Depending on the availability of the doctor, you question will be answered within 48-72 hours of your post. In many cases, it can be even sooner as well as you can receive multiple doctor responses.

Yes! There will be a lot of coupons and promo codes available. You can use them to get discounts on your bills.

You do get a refund after some deductions if you cancel within a stipulated time before your appointment. For detailed information, view our cancellation and rescheduling policy .

Your data will be stored in the strictest privacy and ensuring safety and confidentiality. In case of any other queries, feel free to drop us a mail at