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Omni.Care is a healthcare community connecting Members, Doctors and Hospitals. We partner with Doctors, such as you, to provide end-to-end care management from health awareness/prevention, consultation (both digitally and in-clinic), hospitalization (if needed), and follow-ups.

With their rich background in medicine, start-up ventures, and experience of executive management in the US and India, Dr. Monica Mahajan along with Sanjeev Mahajan, CEO & MD, created Omni.Care for doing their bit to improve the quality of life of people, in India. Their decision to launch Omni.Care was also influenced by their personal pediatric crisis during the initial years of their first child.

Omni.Care is an innovative healthcare solution bringing together doctors from different specialties to interact with Members, both digitally and in-person, across urban and rural India. We feel we have just started on our journey since there is so much to do create an affordable, accessible, and high quality healthcare across India. We invite you to join our platform to expand your reach, enhance your reputation, manage your practice, business hours and appointments, and much, much more!

Become a part of our Omni.Care Community

By becoming a Doctor on Omni.Care your Medical Practice becomes a lot easier and you can devote more time for patient care.

Omni.Care is your 24x7 virtual clinic partner. Your patient relationships grow rapidly by consultations via, in-clinic, e-mail, phone, and video. You can carry out anytime through your Laptop, Tablet, or Smartphone having an Internet access. You do not need to spend on expensive hardware or software.

Our Services


Omni.Care Members can find you easily and book appointments in a few simple steps or by calling Customer Services.

Omni.Care handles your management of the clinic appointment with reminders and follow-ups!


There are 4 ways for Doctors to consult with Omni.Care Members: In-clinic, email, phone, and video.

Omni.Care has an easy to use interface which ensures a hassle free experience for you. Moreover, you define your Consultation type, hours, and fees you charge.

CMS Solution

Omni.Care CMS provides management tools to track your schedule and Member history.

Our CMS is a simple to use solution with features like DigiRep for enhancing your online reputation as well as Doctor to Doctor peer level consultation.

Doctor Benefits


Doctor Testimonials

Omni.Care is a fantastic idea, and its execution is flawless. I can now reach out to many more Memberseffortlessly!

Dr. R.P.S Sethi
(BDS, Dentistry)
Omni.Care is an awesome service! We love the idea of online consultation!

Dr. S.K Chawla
M.B.B.S.-Major, M.D.-Major
I am able to better connect with my patients and do follow up through Omni.Care

Dr. Sonia Thakur
Useful and thought provoking Platform with info on different subjects. I liked the site immediately on seeing it, and have started posting on it, too. Congrats!

Dr. Manu Gupta
B.D.S.-Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Dentistry
"Wonderful website....Lot of Potential....Let’s work together and Make the Most of It!"

Dr. Munish Aggarwal
M.B.B.S.-Medicine, Surgery, , M.D.-Psychiatry, M.D.-Psychiatry
I would definitely recommend Omni.Care to other healthcare providers who are looking for innovate ways to expand their practice through telemedicine.

Dr. Rahul Poddar
M.B.B.S.-Medicine Surgery Gynecology Obstetrics Pediat, M.S.-Surgery

Pricing Policy

In our pricing scenario, we have2 pricing options with a lot of promotional offers.

Doctor Pricing Plan


Rs. 2099/- / quarter & Rs.
6,999/- / annum(≈to Rs.583/-
per month save 17%)

to double plan duration e.g.,
subscribe for 1 year & remain
activated for 2 years


Rs.899/- / quarter + 10% of
consult fees OR
Rs. 2,999/- / annum +10%
consult fees (≈to Rs.250/- per
month save17%)

to double plan duration e.g.,
subscribe for 1 year & remain
activated for 2 years

What Omni.Care has for BUSY DOCTORS??

Appointments are managed through a Color coded calendar. NEW/ RESCHEDULED / CONFIRMED and COMPLETED appointments. Drop rates are eliminated by sending reminders for appointments and follow-up.
Easy Clinic Management – takes care of your patients, Omni.Care CMS takes care of everything else. You make full use of your available time for consultations and save time and money.
YOU Get Discovered with DigiRep. When you Upload your profile members can search you easily!
D2D Peer level Consults - increases your reputation as a specialist.
Advanced CMS solutions gives you Access to your clinic/s from Anywhere You can Store and access your practice wherever, whenever you want.
POST YOUR OWN BLOG - You can post interesting tips useful in daily lives – people love to read your views
Omni.Care automated Reminders lets you to take better care of patients and increases patient satisfaction.
Connect with patients - follow up reminder, medicine refill reminder, birthday wishes etc, allow you to connect emotionally with your patients while improving quality of care.

!! Result - Patient satisfaction !!

Frequently Asked Questions

Right now services for an emergency situation are not available and patients are requested to contact the hospital of their choice in cases they have an emergency.

You can reschedule appointment online or contact your Doctor Success executive.

We are passionate about redefining medical consultation enabling physicians to provide patient-centric care. We drive patient awareness and engagement by doing significant investments in digital marketing, social media awareness etc.

Listing on Omni.Care helps members looking for your skills and you can become more visible by being involved in our portal activities to get more member referrals and appointments.

No payments have to be made by members. Booking appointments in Omni.Care is completely free.

Yes. It is encrypted and password protected, so data is secure.