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by Admin | February 4, 2019

World Cancer Day - We Can. I Can

We must do more to end the multiple tragedies that cancer causes. About one-third of all cancers are preventable, and other types can be cured with early diagnosis and treatment. Even when the cancer is at an advanced stage, patients should receive palliative care. Prevention and early detection are key to stopping the alarming increase in the incidence of this disease. 
This year, and through 2019, the theme of World Cancer Day is “We can. I can,”
To explore how Omni.Care can reduce the global burden of cancer and achieve greater equity in cancer care and making fighting cancer is a priority.
There are some factors which increase cancer risk, these include:
  1. increasing age
  2. stressful lifestyle associated with poor nutritional status owing to low fruit & vegetable intake
  3. use of tobacco, alcohol
  4. chronic infections
  5. being overweight too increases the risk of breast, esophageal, colorectal, ovarian and endometrial cancer.
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