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by Admin | November 17, 2018

Sleep Awareness

Sleep is as inevitably essential as breathing, and adequate amount of sleep is crucial for the body & mind to function properly. Improper or partial sleep causes has many physiological and psychological impacts.

Omni.Care team wants to spread knowledge and understanding about proper sleep, our motto being “Sleep well, to live well.”

There are many types of sleep disorders. The three most common disorders being-

1.       Insomnia

2.      Narcolepsy

3.      Sleep apnea

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To spread awareness our team will be shedding light onto the causes, symptoms, and treatments for these disorders.

Know more about Insomnia


It is the one of the leading sleep disorders. The inability to fall asleep or sleeplessness is typically followed by daytime sleepiness, low energy, irritability, and adepression mood. It may increase risk of accidents as well as cause problems focusing and learning. Insomnia can be short term-lasting for days or weeks, or long term-lasting more than a month.



1.      Depression due to major life incident

2.      Extreme stress conditions

3.      Fear, anxiety, emotional/mental tension

4.      Work/financial pressures

5.      Psychological instability

6.      Chronic pain

7.      Heart failure

8.     Consumption of psychoactive drugs like caffeine, cocaine, certain medications, and nicotine

9.      Menopause

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1.      Difficulty falling asleep at night

2.      Waking up during the night

3.      Waking up too early

4.      Not feeling well-rested after a night's sleep

5.      Daytime tiredness or sleepiness

6.      Irritability, depression, or anxiety

7.      Difficulty paying attention, focusing on tasks or remembering

8.     Increased errors or accidents

9.      Ongoing worries about sleep

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Maintaining proper sleep hygiene, implementing lifestyle changes and adopting methods to release stress are the primary treatment options for sleeplessness.

Sleep hygiene simply means-

1.      Following a consistent bedtime

2.      Adjusting the exposure to sunlight

3.      Sleeping in a quiet and dark room

4.      Regular exercise

5.      Creating a positive sleep environment (removeobjects that can cause worry or distressful thoughts from view)

Lifestyle changes may include-

1.      Having a constant dinner time

2.      Avoiding alcohol or drugs consumption

3.      Having the right food in right quantity

4.      Restricting the time spent awake in bed

Stress can be released effectively by-

1.      Meditation

2.      Yoga

3.      Keeping a journal

4.      Sleeping pills and other sedatives (however, they are secondary treatment options as there is risk/addiction of pills and side effects which include body’s ability to develop tolerance against such medications)

5.      Anti-depressants (secondary treatment option)

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